Air Condition Hot & Cool Chigo 1.5 ton Split

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Description   Technical specifications Filter “Cold catalysis” Applying such a filter can effectively remove the formaldehyde. Polyphenol Filter It contains polyphenols which serves for the oxidation of harmful components and air sterilization. Lysozyme filter Lysozyme like catechine, has a bactericidal action, but affects other groups of viruses and bacteria. Thus, the filter together with catechin filter has a dual anti-bacterial effect. Filter with silver ions Silver ions have strong antibacterial properties and effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. Anion generator The anions have a positive effect on the immune system and help relieve stress. The photocatalytic filter Eliminates bacteria and odors, it is regenerated under the influence of daylight. Filter with vitamin C Vitamin C is beneficial for skin health, strengthens the immune system and helps relieve stress. ※When you purchase a model 141,145,156 and iCongo, the customer can choose one of the top filter as a gift   Darkening of the display: After 30 sec., In the absence of instructions, the display gets dark, the brightness level at the same time reduced by 30% of normal.   Ultra high gilded evaporator: Ultra high gilded evaporator with the highest intensity of heat transfer will bring a fresh and healthy air.   3D air distribution: This technology allows you to evenly distribute air throughout the room.   Fresh air supply: The air supply from outside to improve the composition of the air in the room.   Intelligent night mode: After pressing SLEEP, the air conditioner automatically controls the temperature in the room, according to the phases of sleep a person.   3 year warranty.