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36,000 BTU/HR
Model CCA-36HR1
Indoor Power Supply        V-Ph-Hz      220~240/1/50 
Cooling                                            Capacity Btu/h 36000
Capacity kW 10.5
Input W 160
Rated current A 0.8
EER W/W 2.65
Heating Capacity Btu/h 39000 
Capacity Kw 11.5
Input W 160
Rated current A 0.8
COP w/w 3.06
Max. input consumption W 200
Max current A 0.9
Indoor Fan Motor Model YDK-75T-6
Input W 160
Capacity uF 4
Speed (Hi/Med/Low) r/min 760/680/580
Indoor Coil Number of Rows 2
Tube Pitch (a) x Row Pitch (b) mm 21 x 12.7
Fin Spacing mm 1.45 
Fin Type Hydrophilic
Tube Outside Dia and Type mm Φ7 Inner grooved
Coil length x height x width                        mm 2000 x 252 x 26.74
Number of Circuits 8
Indoor Airflow (High speed) m⊃3;/h 1700
Indoor Noise Level dB(A) 44~48
Indoor Unit Dimension (W x H x D) Body mm 840 x 840 x 285
Panel mm 950 x 950 x 50
Packaging (W x H x D) Body mm 920 x 920 x 310
Panel mm 1030 x 1030 x 105
Net/Gross weight Body Kg 31/35
Panel Kg 5.5/8.5
Max Pressure MPa 4.0 
Refrigerant Type R410A 
Refrigering Piping Liquid Side/Gas Side mm Φ 9.52/Φ19.05 (3/8"+3/4") 
Drainage  Pipe mm 25
Standard Controller Standard controller (wired controller for option)
Operation Temperature °C 16~32 
Ambient Temperature °C 7~43
Application Area m⊃2; 40-70
Model COU-36HR1
Outdoor Power Supply V-Ph-Hz 220~240/1/50 
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 36000
Capacity Kw 10.5
Input W 3710
Rated current A 16.7
Heating Capacity Btu/h 39000 
Capacity Kw 11.5
Input W 3310
Rated current A 15
Max Input Consumption W 4800
Max Current A 21.2
Starting current A 112
Compressor Model C-SBN301H5D
Type Scroll
Brand Sanyo
Capacity Btu/h 36000
Input W 3950
Rated current  (RLA) A 19.2
Locked rotar (LRA) A 112
Thermal protector Internal
Capacity uF 60
Refrigerant Oil ml 1700
Outdoor Motor Fan Model YDK-200-6B
Input W 450
Capacity uF 10
Speed r/min 800
Outdoor Coil Number of rows 1
Tube Pitch (a) Test Row Pitch mm 25 x 21.65
Fin spacing mm 1.4
Fin type Hydrophilic 
Tube outside dia. and type mm 9.52 Inner grooved 
Number of circuits 3
Outdoor Air flow (High speed) m⊃3;h 6000 
Outdoor Noise Level dB(A) 65
Outdoor Unit Diamension (W x H x D) mm 1070 x 400 x 995
Packaging (W x H x D) mm 1145 x 475 x 1120
Net/Gross weight Kg 92/100
Refrigerant Type g R410A/2100
Trottle Part Capillary 
Design Pressure MPa 4.0/1.2
Max Pressure MPa 4.5
Connecting Wiring Outdoor power supply Power supply individually for indoor and outdoor
Power wiring mm 3 x 4.0/3 x 1.0
Signal wiring mm 5 x 1.0
Refrigerant Piping Liquid Side/Gas Side mm 9.52/19.5 (3/8"+3/4") 
Max Pipe Length m 20 
Max High Drop m 10 
Ambient Temp Heating °C -7~24

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