Macbook Liquid Damage

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DESCRIPTION ( Macbook Liquid Damage )

Macbook Liquid DamageSpill Cleaning Some liquid (as in coffee, wine, water, coke, coffee or tea) has just spilled into your Apple Mac. What should you do? recommends the following. Do Immediately shut down the Mac and unplug the power cord. Remove the Mac’s battery if it’s a portable Computer. Disconnect any peripherals (printers, iPods, scanners, cameras, iPhones, etc.) Lay the Mac upside down on paper towels to get as much liquid as possible to drip out. Note what was spilled on your Mac. Contact as soon as possible. Don’t Important! don’t try to turn it back on. Liquids can help electrical current move about the components of your Mac in destructive ways. Don’t shake the computer (this will only spread the liquid around). Don’t use a hair dryer on it (even at a low setting a hair dryer will damage sensitive components). Tales Of A Liquid Damaged Macbook Pro Water Damaged MacBook Saved By I am a college student that is a heavy laptop user because it is required to write notes in class and I find that the use of a computer makes life easier for any student. Without my computer I would be lost and my life would literally stop because I wouldn’t be able to get any work done. I purchased a MacBook Pro in January for use during my classes and at work. I use my computer so much that I even leave it on when I am sleeping and when I spilled a cup of water on my MacBook I was very upset. I attempted to turn on the MacBook and my device was no longer working. Apple does not cover spills or damage to the Macbook and I was recommended based on my sisters past experience with their MacBook liquid damage repair service. What I enjoyed about the service is they offer the ability to submit a repair request online and also arrange a callback by an expert. I was very nervous about the damage to my MacBook but their expert was helpful in calming me down. He explained that they would be able to fix my MacBook and that they would stand by their work and provide a quality repair. I was able to submit a repair request online and choose from a list of problems with the device. I then spoke to an expert about the repair and was given an estimated completion date. I sent my MacBook in on a Tuesday and I had the device back in my hands on the following Monday. Best of all, my MacBook was back to working condition and this is the reason I love . They provide great customer support and their online repair request was easy to use while their customer service was helpful and managed to save my MacBook Pro and repair the water damage to the device. If you are looking to repair a MacBook and need it done right then I suggest you don't take any chances and get it done at because they fixed my device and their work was fantastic and very timely.

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