Tk. 100


Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Subject : Science Fiction
Noteworthy : 100 tk
Authored By : Tamzid Islam
Publisher : Ira Trading
Publication Month : February
Publication Year : 2016
Edition : 1st ediion
Format : Adventure,thrill,mystery
Language : Bangla
Number of Pages : 40
ISBN-13 : 987-70148-0096-1
ISBN-10 : 987-70148-0096-1
Product Dimensions : 10 by 6 inches
Shipping Weight : 3.5 kg
Category: For Sale > Books > Literature & Fiction > Short Stories > Megalosaurus

DESCRIPTION ( Megalosaurus )

An extremely thrilling adventurous story about two young brave boys who have recently graduated college.
Ramin (main character) finds a mysterious message left by a German called Alanger Frutney hundred years ago.
Now he has to decrypt the secret message and go on a thrilling adventure with his friend Gupto to the great Thar dessert with the aim to recover two dinosaur eggs from there.

They face a lot of danger and mystery as they pass through the vast land of India...which feels them up with wonder.....

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