Wireless fire smoke detector sale in UTTARA

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Uttara, Dhaka


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DESCRIPTION ( Wireless fire smoke detector sale in UTTARA )

Choose the areas for installation.
Take the mounting bracket and mark the two mounting holes located on the ceiling or wall.
Drill two holes in the positions marked.
Insert two plastic screw anchors into the drilled holes and put the mounting bracket against wall surface.
Insert and tighten mounting screws until mounting bracket is fully fixed.
Connect 9V DC power (9V battery).
Assemble the back of the detector with the mounting plate. Lock in the position with clockwise turning.
Test the operation of the smoke detector by pressing the test button on the side of the unit.
Operation, Testing and Maintenance:
When the smoke alarm has been installed, the alarm LED should flash approximately once a minute in normal operation. When particles of combustion are sensed, the unit sounds a loud pulsation alarm until the air is clear.
It is recommended that you test your smoke alarm once a week to ensure the alarm is working correctly. Push and hold test button for approximately 3 seconds. A loud pulsating alarm should sound to indicate the correct function. During the alarm condition, the LED will flash quickly. You can also test it by blowing smoke into the chamber.
Location to Avoid:
Avoid placing in the mouth of door, window or fan for the sensitivity of alarm would be affected. Keep the circulation of fresh air.
In a very humid area or near a bathroom, top building or an area where the temperature may high above 39C or fall below 5C, the moisture or steam may cause the unit to false alarm.

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