Lenovo Laptop AC Power Adapter 65W, 20V

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Uttara, Dhaka
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Brand : Lenovo
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DESCRIPTION ( Lenovo Laptop AC Power Adapter 65W, 20V )

LC P/N: 36200290
Model: ADLX65NLT3A
FRU Part Number: 45N0317 / 45N0318
Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output: 20V, 3.25A
Power: 65W
Connector dimensions:
Internal Diameter: 5.5mm
External Diameter: 7.9mm
with center pin

Compatible with the following Lenovo models:
B480, B490, B580, B590, M490
Thinkpad Edge: 530c, E330, E330-01, E330-02, E330-03, E330-04,
E330-05, E330-06, E330-07, E330-08, E330-09, E330-10, E330-11,
E330-12, E330-13, E330-14, E335, E430, E430c, E530, E530c
ThinkPad: L330, L330-01, L330-02, L330-03, L330-04, L330-05, L330-06, L330-07, L330-08,
L330-09, L430, S230u, S430, SL510, SL510 2847, T420, T420i, T430u, X1 Carbon, X131e,
X140e-01, X140e-02, X140e-03, X140e-04, X140e-05, X140e-06
ThinkPad: X140e-07, X140e-08
V480, V480c, V480s, V490u, V490u 001, V490u 002, V490u 003, V490u 004, V490u 005,
V490u 006, V490u 007, V490u 008, V490u 009, V490u 010, V490u 011, V490u 012, V490u 013
V490u 014, V490u 015, V490u 016, V490u 017, V580, V580c

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