CASIO CX-2158 Digital LED Alarm Clock

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DESCRIPTION ( CASIO CX-2158 Digital LED Alarm Clock )

SKU: RCW- 054 Caixing CX-2158 Digital LED Alarm Clock (Black) Tired of waking up too late? The LED Digital Clock aides you to be on schedule. Packed with all the features you'd want in your household watch, this is not your average timekeeper. Display The LED Digital clock has an energy-efficient, easily read display. You can easily tell the time and date in just a glance. It is the perfect accessory for both home and workplace use. Alarm This watch is all about convenience. Aside from the usual time display, it has 8 groups of alarm time so you don't have to worry just missing one. It also comes useful when your family members have a different waking up schedule, or you just want to use the alarms for different chores. Automatic features Such a versatile timepiece, it is all about automatic, new functions. It sports an automatic temperature measurement, light adjustment, and time memory function so you don't have to do any resets. Built The LED Digital Alarm Clock is made of plastic so it is very durable and light. Its compact size makes it easier for you to see the time when you most need them. You can mount them on a wall or just put it on a table top. Specifications: Color : Black Main material : Plastic Style : Contemporary Size : 215x102x32 mm (L x W x H) Weight (kg) : 0.195 Made in China.


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