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DESCRIPTION ( Digital Floor Scale 2 Ton )

Item Specifications
Warranty Period : Two Years
Model : TF-1212-2t-M
Stock : In Stock
Origin : Taiwan
Discount : No
Accessories : Available
Brand : T-Scale
Platform size : (48 X 48)inc
Maximum weight : 2000kg
Accuracy : 200g

1. Introduction:

The KW Series Of Platform Scales Provides an accurate, fast and versatile series Of general purpose weighting inductors with counting and check-weighting functions.

All units include automatic zero Tracking, audible alarm for pre-set weights, automatic tare, and an accumulation facility that allows the individual weights to be stored and recalled as an accumulated total.

2.Key Description :

Operation Key

Operation Function


Setting function


To Print The Result To A Pc Or Printer Using

The Optional RS-232 Interface. It Also adds

The Value to the accumulation memory


To return to normal operation when the scale is in a parameter setting mode

Mode Of


Enter function setting mode


To act as a clear key when setting values for parameter

Or other functions


Press this key to change unit

Move the active digit Left active digit right when setting values for other functions


Enter counting mode from weighting mode

Shift unit weight, counts and total weight when counting mode

Move the active digit right active digit right when setting values for other functions


Tares the scale , stores the current weight in memory as a tare value, subtracts the tare value from the weight and shows the results

This is the net weight.

Incrementing the active digit when setting a value for parameters or other functions.


Set the zero point for all subsequent weighting

The display shows zero

“Enter” Key When setting parameters or other function


Press the key turn on scale ,press the key turn off scale.


3. Basic Operation :

Zeroing The Display

You can Press The ZERO Key at any time to set the zero point from which all other weighting and counting measured, within the setting of manual zero range. This will usually only be necessary When The platform is empty, When the zero point is obtained the display will show the indicator for zero.

The scale has an automatic rezeroing function to account for minor drifting or accumulation of material on the platform. However you may need to press ZERO key the scale if small amounts of weight are shown when the platform is empty.

· * Taring

Zero the scale by pressing the ZERO key if necessary .The zero indicator will be on.

Place a container on the platform, a value for its weight will be displayed .

Press the TARE key to tare the scale. The weight that was displayed is stored as the tare value is subtracted from the display, leaving zero on the display. The “TARE” indicator will be on. As product is added only the weight of the product will be shown. The scale could be tare a second time if another type of product was to be added to the first one. Again only the weight that is added after taring will be displayed.

When the container is removed a negative value will be shown. If the scale was tared just before removing the contain this value is the gross weight of the contain plus all product that was removed. The zero indicator will also be on because the platform is back to the same condition it was when the ZEROkey was last pressed.


When the scale is showing weight, pressing the SAMPLE key will star the parts counting function. Before beginning , tare the weight of any container that will be used, leaving the empty container on the scale. Place the number of samples on the scale. The number should match the options for parts counting , 10,20,50,100,200 pieces.

Press the SAMPLE key to begin. The scale will show “P 10” asking for a sample size of 10 parts. Change the sample size by pressing the TARE key. The display will cycle through the option:10,20,50,100,200 and back to 10.

Press the ZERO key when the number matches the number of parts used for the sample.

As more weight is added the display will show the number of parts (pcs).

Press the SAMPLE key to shift unit weight (g/pcs), total weight and counts(pcs)

Press the FUNC key to return to normal weighing.

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