Turkish language course in Dhaka

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Uttara, Dhaka


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DESCRIPTION ( Turkish language course in Dhaka )


Shield Language Department
Contact: 01755092760
Course Duration: 3 Months
No. of classes per week: 2
Total Hours: 42 hours.
Turkish Beginner 1 Course outline
Topics & Vocabulary:
Introducing yourself : greetings – saying “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “How are you?”;
The Turkish alphabet
Numbers: 10-100
Basic colours
Spelling names
Basic phrases in daily life situations
Question words
Titles: Mr, Mrs, Ms
Offering & ordering drinks and snacks at a bar or café, Eating out, ordering meals at a restaurant, asking for the bill
Enquiring what dishes there are at a restaurant and what’s in them
Talking about professions and making profession names using suffixes “cı / ci / cu / cü”
Asking what something means
Introducing the main characteristics of Turkish
“Bir” as the indefinite article
“Değil” means “Not”
Question tag “değil mi?”
Verbless sentences (“be”)
Personal and demonstrative pronouns
Personal endings in the present tense
“There is/are…” / “There is/are not…”
The plural suffix “–ler / -lar”
Numbers: 100s and 1000s
Five cases of a noun
Question forms
The plural suffix
Word order
The negative suffix –ma / –me
Talking about yourself
Making country, nationality and language names using suffixes
Cultural Content:
The language family that Turkish belongs to
The relationship between Turkish, European and Middle Eastern languages
Titles – Mr, Mrs; addressing others in appropriate ways
Difference between singular and plural “you”
Turkish snacks and drinks
Turkish food and drinks
Reading signs
Place names in Istanbul

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