Chinese Language Institute Dhaka

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Uttara, Dhaka
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DESCRIPTION ( Chinese Language Institute Dhaka )

Shield Language Academy Dhaka
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Mandarin Courses HSK Level 1-6


The aim of the course is to improve the students’ Mandarin proficiency and Mandarin conversation skills. The course provides the conversation training and daily communication training by using the most effective, practical and interesting way. Students can learn accurate pronunciation, daily communication topic, grammar and sentence structure, etc., so that the students are able to communicate in Mandarin in daily life.

(Reading & Writing)

The aim of the course is to help the students recognize, write and discriminate Chinese Mandarin characters. According to the characteristics of students’ language learning, SLA provides materials which are suitable and also using the concise syntax for different level students. Students can master Mandarin easily and effectively in a short period and able to use correct grammar and proper sentence structure for writing and reading. Students can improve reading and writing skills step by step from 1 to 6. After completing all the 6 levels, students are able to recognize around 3000 Mandarin words and easily communicate with people by using Mandarin.




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