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DESCRIPTION ( chinese langauge course in uttara )

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Books followed NPCR Book 1 and 2.
Complete Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing Online training.
All course materials will be provided by the institute.

Course duration: 3 Months.
No. of classes: 2 Classes per week.
Total Hours: 42 Hours.

Topics & Vocabulary:
• How to introduce oneself
• Learn simple vocabulary (e.g. through dialogue creation)
• Ask someone for help (talk to customer service)
• Learn how to book a room in a hotel and other related hotel language
• Learn to describe physical uncomfortableness and illness; how to talk to a doctor
• Conversation in a post office
• Pay compliments, praise somebody else
• Make an apology in different situations (being late, forget things, unable to finish a task..)
• Express gratitude formally and informally in different situations
• Pay a compliment, ask for compensation.
• Arrange an appointment formally and informally.

• Difference between 或者 and 还是
• Difference between two negative words: 不 and 没有
• Complement of degree construction : Sentence structure V+de+hen+adj (做得很好,说得很不错)
• 好吗 and 好不好 / 行吗 and 行不行
• Sentence structure with 怎么

Grammar II:
• Review & practise previous level grammar (e.g. sentence order and tenses)
• Difference between能 and会
• Words about permission and refusal, agree and disagree可以,不可以,能,不能
• Present continuous e.g. “zheng zai正在”
• Adverbs “cai才” and “jiu就”
• Conditional clause “yao shi要是…jiu就…”
• Understanding potential verb phrases with “de得/bu不”
• Attributive clause with “de的”

Cultural Content:
• Compliments in Chinese culture
• Medical system in China
• Table manners
• Customs of celebration, e.g. special food for Chinese New Year
• Famous Chinese Kong Fu movies
Skills Work:
• Pronunciation – key sounds practice
• Lots of speaking and listening practice
• Memorize longer frequently used daily life Chinese sentences.
• Longer oral presentation
• Recognising characters and writing common characters practice
• Self-learning skills (using dictionary and online websites)

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