BiPAP Machine - ST With Humidifier

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DESCRIPTION ( BiPAP Machine - ST With Humidifier )

– The BiPAP ST by King Medical is used for Sleep Apnea patients.
– It is a bi-level therapy device for treating Sleep Apnea.
– BiPAP (bi-level) devices use 2 pressure settings for treating sleep apnea, one pressure on inhalation and one pressure on exhalation.
– Bi-Flex pressure relief technology offers pressure relief at inhalation and exhalation to make BiPAP therapy more like natural breathing.
– The BiPAP System delivers a bi-level therapeutic pressure with breath rate setting that reinforces user-device synchrony, reducing the work of breathing so users remain comfortable
– It provides non-invasive ventilation for patients with respiratory insufficiency in the hospital or at home
– LCD screen:
Full monitoring parameters are displayed 3.5 inch LCD screen. Easy to view.
– Delay Off: With delay off function, your tube is dried and is ready for next use.
– Quick and easy operation.
– Innovative tracking technology ensures accurate and comfortable therapy.
– Unique sensitivity settings offer comfortable individual therapy.

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