iPhone Battery & Display Replacement in Dhaka

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Dhanmondi, Dhaka
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DESCRIPTION ( iPhone Battery & Display Replacement in Dhaka )

Are you looking for a service support center for your iPhone?
Apple iPhone Service Support Centre in BD
iPhone Service Centre

is your iPhone showing Apple logo?
is your iPhone display broken?
is your iPhone not getting charge?
is your iPhone Continuously draining battery Abnormally?
is your iPhone showing no signal in GSM signal Bar?
is your iPhone wifi and Bluetooth options grayed out?
is your iPhone earpiece speaker sound very low? so that you can't hear clearly when you talk over the phone call.
is your iPhone touch screen is not working properly or abnormally working like a ghost?
is your iPhone loudspeaker not working?
is your iPhone microphone not working properly?

any kind of iPhone Problem, just bring it to our iCare Apple.

if your Problem is un-identical then let us have a look first. After diagnose it we will tell you detail about Problem and required cost.

or if your problem is identical like maybe you need to change the display only or maybe you need to change the battery only or maybe something else which is identical then just call our hotline to know about product price and other detail.

iCare is Your Most Reliable Apple Device Fixing Centre in Bangladesh.
Your Experience Matters To Us!!!
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68/69 Concept Tower,
Room# 205 & 206
Green Road,
Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
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