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Projector Price In Bangladesh BD Brand New

Tk. 3,200
Tk. 60 within Dhaka
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  • New/Used: New Projector Price In Bangladesh
  • Brand: UNIC Projectors
  • Type: 3D HD Multimedia Mini Projectors
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DESCRIPTION ( Projector Price In Bangladesh BD )

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★সাবধান ★ WARNING ★
আজকাল কিছু  FRAUD বিক্রেতা Projector এর LUMENS এবং RESOLUTION বাড়িয়ে বলছে এবং মানুষ কে খারাপ জিনিষ ধরিয়ে দিচ্ছে। আমরা সবসময় REAL BRIGHTNESS এবং REAL RESOLUTION টাই বলি এবং আমাদের কাছে রয়েছে বাংলাদেশ এর সবচেয়ে বেশি LED Projector এর COLLECTION. তাই আজকেই আমদের দোকান-এ আসুন এবং সত্যিকার ভালো মানের প্রোজেক্টর গুলো খুজে পান।

Mini LED Projector UC-18
• Brand New

• Warranty- 1 Year WARRANTY
• Model: UC-18
• Brightness- Real 48 Lumens
( 400 Lumens Written In Operating Manual)
• Contrast Ratio- 500:1
• Color- 16770K
• Aspect Ratio- 4:3 or 16:9
• Native Resolution- 320x240
• Max Supported Resolution- 1920 x1080 ,1080P HD
• 3D Support-Supports Anaglyph 3D (Red/Blue)
• Lamp- LED
• Lamplife- 20,000 Hours (LED lamps are 10 times more longlasting than the other projector lamps in the market)
• Image Unit- LCD
• Focus- Manual
• Lens- F=125
• Display Size- Upto 100 Inches ( Recommended Upto 60 Inches)
• Inputs- HDMI, VGA,USB, Mircro USB, Mirco SD and AV
• Projection Distance- 0.5m - 2.5 m
• Short Throw- Medium Short Throw
• Keystone Correction- No
• Supports Powerbank- Yes
• Built In Speakers- Yes ( 1 Watt x 2)
• Operation Method- Remote/ Manual
• Power Input- 12V 1.5A
• Power Consumption- 15 Watt
• Projector Weight- 0.25kg
• Product Dimensions- 117 x 88 x 45 mm
Package Includes-
i) Projector
ii) Remote
iii) Operating Manual
iv) AV Converter
v) Power Adpater
• Desktop Computer / Laptop (both are supported)
• TV Card (you can connect tv card and watch tv)
• Pendrive (this projector can play videos/ audios/ pictures & txt files directly from pendrive & other USB devices)
• Memory Card (this projector can play videos/ audios/ pictures & txt files directly from SD memory card)
• DVD & Bluray players
• Game Consoles( PS3,PS4,Xbox,Xbox360,Wii,PSP etc)
• Digital, DSLR & CCTV Cameras
• Smartphones
• Tablets

i) We do business with HONESTY. We provide Real Specifications And Accurate Details.
Be aware from fake sellers. There are many Fake Sellers who declare higher brightness than the actual brightness of the projector. There are many fake sellers who give fake specifications. So be aware from Fake Sellers.
ii) Our products are Genuine & Intact Products.
iii) Best Comparison Opportunity
We have many LED projector models and so you can compare different models and get the projector that meets all your requirements. By comparing you can understand the real brightness and the real performance of the projector.
iv) Best Warranty Support.
We are the first and the main importer of LED projectors in Bangladesh. We have been in the LED projectors field for the last two years and during this time we have gained vast experiance and struggled hard to understand the root of LED projectors and so we are able to provide the best warranty support.
v) Best Aftersale Service and Assistance
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