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DESCRIPTION ( Complete Home Healthcare Solution At Priyojon in Chittagong )

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide safe quality home health care service to the community in Bangladesh. We provide safe quality Intravenous therapy care to clients in the comfort and convenience of their home or in an alternative location. Our Homecare nursing team will also educate the clients about their illness and the drug therapy required.

To facilitate a smooth transition from the hospital to the home.
To encourage patient comfort by allowing patients to receive care in a familiar environment and to live according to the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.
Maximize independence and self sufficiency by educating patients or care givers on the administration and understanding of the therapy with assistance from the PHL nurses.

What Services Do We Provide?
- Peripheral Blood Sampling
- Transportation of Specimens to the Lab
- Central Venus Line Care
Routine Dressing Changes
Heparin Lock Flushing
Central Blood Sampling to the Lab
- Administration of Drugs
S/C, IM, IV daily weekly or monthly
- Antibiotic IV Therapy
Short term (7-10 days) or Long term
Administration of antibiotics via Ambulatory Portable Pump

Treatable Illnesses by PHL
Pneumonia Atrial Fibrillation
Cancer Pulmonary Embolism
Lupus Deep Vein Thrombosis
Multiple Sclerosis Osteomyelitis
Thrombophebitis General Infections
Dehydration Pain

Advantages of Priyojon Healthcare Limited
Continuance of their normal activities of daily living
Therapy care will be delivered to the client's home
No additional risk to the client
Maintain their freedom and productivity while reducing paid sick leave
Families remain intact
Reduced stress for clients and families
Sense of control and well being
More positive rehabilitation outcomes

Getting Started!
The PHL Referral Process
Offers homecare - primarily I.V. therapy care to clients in their home environment or other convenient and safe location
All clients will be on referral from private physicians
All clients will be assessed by PHL for suitability for homecare
Once clients are assessed as eligible for homecare, physicians will be notified and required to provide a detail treatment plan to determine what regime will beused to treat the client
Physicians will arrange discharge of clients from hospital
Factors that determine the frequency of home visits are:
1) Stability of the drugs administered
2) Use of infusion pump
3) Type of venous access

About Home Healthcare Limited
PHL is a limited liability company, which has been operating since August 1997.
The company is comprehensively insured against malpractice liability
The nurses are all insured individually against malpractice liability (Medical Protection Society).
There are two Administrative Managers and two Homecare Nurse Managers who supervise and administer care to patients.
Staff consists of casual /on-call nurses with at least three years experience in medical /surgical nursing, and at least two years experience in intravenous (I.V.) therapy care.
All PHL nurses receive training and orientation

Contact Details
Priyojon Healthcare Limited
Feel free to E-mail us at to request Information.
PHONE: +8801944333555 / +8801994888999

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