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    DESCRIPTION ( Transcad Transport 4.5 - Virtual Machine Software )

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    Super fast installation via virtual machine with VirtualBox

    What is a virtual machine?

    It is a virtual computer with Windows XP with the TransCAD 4.5 program installed and activated that will work on your computer by a virtualizer.

    TransCAD is the first and only Geographic Information System (GIS) designed specifically for use by transportation professionals to store, display, manage and analyze transportation data. TransCAD combines GIS and transport modeling capabilities in a single integrated platform, providing capabilities unmatched by any other package. TransCAD can be used for all modes of transport, at any scale or level of detail. TransCAD provides:

    A powerful GIS engine with special extensions for transport
    Mapping, visualization and analysis tools designed for transport applications
    Application modules for routing, travel demand forecasting, public transportation, logistics, site location and territory management
    TransCAD has applications for all types of transport data and for all modes of transport, and is ideal for building transport information and decision support systems. TransCAD runs on hardware readily available on Microsoft Windows and covers virtually all desktop computing standards. This has two important benefits:

    You can purchase and install TransCAD at a much lower cost than any other integrated transport modeling and GIS solution.
    You don't need to create custom applications or complicated data exchange modules to perform transport analysis with GIS data

    Maptitude mapping software screen
    A powerful GIS for transportation
    TransCAD is a state-of-the-art GIS that you can use to create and customize maps, build and maintain geographic data sets, and perform many different types of spatial analysis. TransCAD includes sophisticated GIS features, such as polygon overlay, buffering and geocoding, and has an open system architecture that supports data sharing over local and wide area networks.

    TransCAD is the only software package that fully integrates GIS with demand modeling and logistical functionality. This makes the models much more accurate and efficient. For example, network distances and travel times are based on the current shape of the road network and a correct representation of road interchanges. In addition, with networks, you can specify complex road attributes, such as truck exclusions, intersection delays, one-way streets and construction zones. In addition, data preparation is made much easier and database and visualization capabilities catch errors before they cause problems.

    In TransCAD, different modeling equations can be easily derived and applied to different geographical sub-areas. Likewise, TransCAD brings new and much-needed resources to measure geographic accessibility. The GIS approach also provides a graphical solution that is easily understood. Users can transmit highly technical information to the non-practitioner in a very straightforward and understandable way.

    TransCAD extends the traditional GIS data model to include transport data objects, such as transport networks, matrices, route systems and linearly referenced data. These extensions make TransCAD the best data management and analysis tool for working with transport data. You can use the GIS functions to prepare, view, analyze and present your work and use the application's modules to solve routing, logistics and other transport problems more easily and efficiently than with any other product. Networks and arrays can be of virtually unlimited size.

    Compatible systems: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

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