Roksan Kandy KA-1 Integrated Amp and KC-1 CD Player

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    DESCRIPTION ( Roksan Kandy KA-1 Integrated Amp and KC-1 CD Player )

    Roksan Kandy KA-1 Integrated Amp and KC-1 CD Player

    Fresh in condition used over three years. Made in England brought from London. Hi-end setup with solid build and pure audio equipment. Will provide original remote and power cable with the setup. The weight of these two devices is 25KG. You can audience it before making any decision.

    ♦No: 01710219480


    Roksan KA-1 integrated amplifier can deliver 110Wpc at 8 ohms and 170Wpc at 4 ohms, both channels are driven. That’s plenty of power, so the KA-1 should be able to drive the majority of speakers potential buyers would want to use.

    In addition to being a powerhouse at the price, the KA-1 comes with a plethora of features. There are six RCA input jacks for a variety of sources, plus a tape loop -- all selectable via the supplied remote control or front-panel controls. For vinyl aficionados, the third line-level input can be switched to a moving-magnet phono input. But if you don’t need phono support, you’re not out an input. There’s a headphone jack, 20dB mute control, and all sorts of other things. Like I said, the KA-1 is rich with features.

    Around back things are carefully laid out. The speaker posts and input jacks are all spaced reasonably far apart given the modest size of the KA-1. Setting up is a snap, and all the connectors are high quality. The power cord is detachable for those who like to play with such things (I experimented with the Shunyata’s King Cobra that retails for more than two times the price of this unit alone!). And finally, also on the back side is the main power switch, which you leave on for the long term to keep critical components inside the KA-1 warmed up.

    On the front panel (as well as the remote control) there is a Mode switch that turns the amp on for daily listening. The only quirky thing here is that when the unit is not ready to play, the front-panel LED is green. When it is ready to play, the LED turns red. For those who associate green with go and red with stop, it will seem backward. But, frankly, this is irrelevant in the scheme of things and something you just get used to.

    Impressed with its outer shell, I cracked open the KA-1 and took a look inside. The guts match the heavy-duty chassis construction. There is a very large transformer at the front center with the heatsinks flanking each side. The circuit board is in the middle, and everything seems neatly laid out. The quality of construction and attention to detail seem very good.

    The KC-1 offers everything you could want in terms of CD-playback functionality, which means its has all the standard controls you see on any loaded CD player: track skip, search, time display, and on and on. In terms of the technical details, there’s some good stuff too. It uses Burr-Brown 1716 24-bit/96kHz DACs and a Burr-Brown 1716 digital filter. Should you wish to use the KC-1 as a transport only, there are coaxial RCA and TosLink optical outputs on the back. The KC-1 has just one power switch on the back -- no Mode function like the KC-1 -- so you leave it on unless you go away on holidays or won’t be using it for a long time. It also features a detachable power cord.

    The KA-1 and KC-1 are very attractive in terms of design, with a feeling of solidity that I would expect at a much higher price. They each feature an all-metal chassis and 6mm-thick aluminum faceplate. A single remote control operates both effectively. The KA-1 and KC-1 are formidably priced at $895 USD each with the standard silver faceplate.

    But there's more about the faceplate that helps the Kandy name make more sense. You can get different colored faceplates in metallic finishes (green, purple, navy) and in automotive-type finishes (pink and black). This may seem like a moot point to some, but for those with a flair for the appearance of components, the Kandy system’s alternate-color faceplates can help make quite a statement. A faceplate can be had for $80 per component at the time of purchase, or for an additional $20 surcharge on top of the $80 if ordered after that. I think having this flexibility is pretty darn cool.

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