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    DESCRIPTION ( High quality and professional Stress test ECG software, Sunt )

    Cardios® pro Stress test system is a super-stable and noise-free ECG tracings even at steep grades.
    The sophisticated software gives you a perfect solution for cardiology diagnosis as well as a fantastic user experience

    work-able with
    COSMOS® (Germany)
    Track Maste®r (USA) Treadmills
    ERGOSANA® Bicycle Ergometers

    Optional Blood pressuer Suntech® Tango M2
    Cardios Pro® Evaluation of exercise stress test:ECG,symptoms,blood pressure
    High resolution A/D: 24K SPS/Ch 24 bits
    Meditech patent technology: Digital synchronous A/D
    Meditech patent technology: Myoelectric filter based on ECG spectrum
    Meditech proprietary algorithm: Minimum delay baseline wander eraser
    Different filters selectable: LP HP and artifact filters
    Skin-electrode impedance measurement
    Preset classical protocols and unlimited user defined protocols
    Arrhythmia detect and live review
    Various trends: tracking and compare cardios pro stress test ECG
    Soft anti-aliased ECG display
    ECG BP SO2 METS max VO2 Distance and Time synchronous display
    Rehabilitation mode: Cardiac function recovery protocols
    Independent testing for different treadmills and ergometers
    Product Description

    Exercise Testing
    Cardios pro hardware digital ECG acquisition box

    included software:
    Exercise ECG software
    Real time average complexes
    Real-time continuous ST analysis
    Re-analyze possibility of complete exercise test with ST HR trends
    Enlarged QRS presentation
    User definable protocols to control bicycle or treadmill ergometer
    Resting ECG software with 12 simultaneous leads

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