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DESCRIPTION ( ...The Lamp Of Aladdin... )

• Dear Customers…
We are offering an awesome product to improve your health condition & make your life style more easy & reliable. This product 100% works for 29 diseases of human body without any kinds of side effects. If you are already a patient of it then you must need this product or keep it in your home for your future use like a digital home doctor. Our Product miracle works for the diseases shown below. It is an OTC (Over the counter) product. So, without any doctor’s prescription you can use it in your home. This product is invented for the home users.
Our product is…
1. ISO 9001-2000 CERTIFIED
2. ISO 13485-2003 CERTIFIED
3. European Union C.E CERTIFIED
4. North American F.C.C CERTIFIED
If u use It … In shaa Allah … U will believe It … & … That’s why we r saying…It’s a Lamp of Aladdin.

MK-082 Electro Magnetic Physiotherapy..&..Electro Acupuncture Device (For Home Use).

Physiotherapy devices are used for messaging which will 100% remove all types of pain of headache, waist, chronic arthritis and rheumatism, control blood pressure, diabetes, And home ECG monitor will detect and show the actual condition of chest. Warranty 1 year.

MK-082, Maknom electronics (USA), Electromagnetic therapy Machine. Functions: Improve Blood circulation. Exercise the Muscles. Relieve the Pain. Promote Metabolism. Figure Shaping. Beautify the skin. Fictures: Soft-Start function. 3 Treatment Techniques. 4 Programmed Automatic Treatment Modes. Security Oriented (100% guaranteed)

Its 100% works... (All of these diseases)
1. Pain in Shoulder (Kadh er Betha)
2. Pain in waist (Komor Betha)
3. Pain in knees (Hatu te Betha)
4. Headache (Matha Betha)
5. Stiff neck (Griba Peshir Baat)
6. Chronic arthritis & rheumatism (Bohudin Sthayi Baat er Betha)
7. Impotence (Jouno Okhkhomota)
8. Insomnia (Onidra)
9. Lack of appetite (Oruchi)
10. Lumbago (Koti Baat)
11. Apoplexy (Stroke Jonito Shomoshsha)
12. High blood pressure (Uchcho Rokto Chap)
13. Low blood pressure (Nimno Rokto Chap)
14. Asthma (Shaash Kosto)
15. Allergy (Allergy)
16. Toothache (Daat er Betha)
17. Paralysis (Paralysis)
18. Obesity (Med Komano)
19. Gestralgia (Gastrik er Betha)
20. Pain in arms (Bahu’r Betha)
21. Ankle pain (Gorali Betha)
22. Pain in joints (Jora ba Shondhi te Betha)
23. Inflammation of shoulders (Kadh er Mangsho Peshir Sfity Jonito Betha)
24. Spasm in calf (Peshir Khichuni)
25. Drunk (Nesha Grosthota Duri Koron)
26. Facial palsy (Mukher Oboshota/ Mukh Baka Houa)
27. GYNO problem {Meyeli Shomoshsha….(Bishesh Khetre)}
28. Diabetes {Diabetis….(Bishesh Khetre)}
29. Scissoring operation pain (Scissorion Operation Jonito Komor O Koti Onchol-e Betha)

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