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DESCRIPTION ( German A1 A2 B1 Online Dhaka (SKYPE) )

Contact: 01755092760

Learn it with a personal trainer at your convenient time.
Get trained for complete German A1 / A2 / B1 courses online via Skype.
Books followed Begegnungen A1, A2 and B1.
Complete Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing Online training.
All course materials will be provided by the institute.

Course duration: 3 Months.
No. of classes: 2 Classes per week.
Total Hours: 42 Hours.

-----------------Course Outline for Basic A1----------------------
Topics & Vocabulary:
• Self-introduction 
• Family activities and events.
• Talking about careers
• Family stories
• Giving orders
• Using and moving equipment, furniture
• Shopping – food/drink, packaging and weights
• Making plans together
• Suggestions, expressing preferences
• Opinions – travel and tourism
• Reading brochures and displays
• Landscapes and the natural world
• Health, sickness, accidents : sympathy, caring, expressing hope
• Talking about plans and wishes
• Parts of the body : pains and ills
• Giving advice
• Requests and orders
• Smalltalk – talking about people (appearance, personality)
• Activities in the house
• Giving explanations
• Talking about rules – TRAFFIC, THE ENVIRONMENT, ETC.
• Clothes : descriptions and prices
• The Weather
• Invitations
• Parties and Celebrations
• Giving congratulations

• Modal verbs woollen, sollen, dürfen, müssen
• Imperative (Sie)
• The Past Tense (Präteritum) : war, hatte
• Usage of Perfekt and Präteritum in spoken and written German
• Conjunctions (denn)
• Konjunktiv II (würde)
• Comparisons and Similarities

Grammar II:
• Review of verbs (Präteritum, Perfekt, Imperativ, etc.)
• Directional and temporal adverbs
• Adjectives and the indefinite and definite articles
• Wordbuilding (verb + -er, -ung)
• Prepositions of movement and state
• Time prepositions
• Conjunctions weil, deshalb
• Konjunktiv II : könnte, sollte
• Subordinate clause with wenn
• Verbs plus preposition
• Dative-object, dative pronoun and accusative pronoun

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