Quranic Arabic Language Institute Dhaka

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Uttara, Dhaka
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DESCRIPTION ( Quranic Arabic Language Institute Dhaka )

Shield Language Academy Dhaka
Contact: 01755092760

Website: www.dhakalanguage.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shield.language

course duration: 3 Months per book.
Madina Book 1 (Beginner)
Madina Book 2 (Intermediate)
Madina Book 3 (Advance)


This course focuses specifically the understanding of the Quran.

Because your goal is to just understand what the Quran says, you can save yourself at least 50% of your study time by following this golden rule. You don’t need to know the Arabic for ‘take me to the party’, because that is superfluous to your goal of understanding the Quran. You only need to learn vocabulary, and do exercises, that get you to translate Arabic sentences into English, not the other way around.

Plus we only learn the vocabulary that’s actually in the Quran

This one takes the biscuit. You will save yourself literally hundreds of hours of personal study if you. Avoid learning any words that are not in the text of the Quran itself. How do you do this? Simply by taking all of your vocabulary lists directly from the Quran, or by using ready-made resources that have Quran-only vocab lists in them. In fact, only 300 Arabic words account for 70% of the words in the whole Quran, because they are repeated most frequently.

for course details visit: www.dhakalanguage.com/arabic

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