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Complete Beginner Course.

Being a phonetic language, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn, and after this beginner course you will notice a significant improvement – so much so that most of our learners continue on to the next level to become enthusiastic Spanish speakers.

Course duration : 3 Months
Course Hours: 42 hours
Classes are held on weekdays / weekends in batches.

-------------Course Outline-------
Topics & Vocabulary:
• Greetings and introductions
• The alphabet
• Personal information: name, address, telephone number, email address, age, marital status
• Countries and nationalities
• Professions.
• Numbers 0-100
• The family
• Describing people
• Colours
• Formal and informal ways of addressing people
• Common everyday objects
• Shopping
• Numbers from 100
• In the town
• The house and furniture
• Leisure activities and sports
• Likes and dislikes
• Public places in a town
• The time
• Days and months
• Seasons and the weather

Grammar I:
• Number and gender
• Articles: definite and indefinite
• Demonstrative pronouns
• Personal pronouns
• Interrogative pronouns
• Noun-adjective agreement
• Present tense of basic verbs like ser, estar, trabajar, vivir, tener, llevar
• Quantifiers: muy, bastante

Grammar II:
• Indefinite articles
• Demonstrative pronouns and articles
• Question words (¿cuál?, ¿qué?, cuántos?, ¿dónde?, ¿cómo?, ¿por qué?)
• Some uses of ser and estar
• Hay (there is / there are)
• Verb gustar
• Quantifiers: mucho/a/os/as, bastante/s, poco/a/os/as
• Prepositions
• Muy – mucho
• Llueve and nieva: present tense of the verbs to rain and to snow.

Cultural Content:
• The differences in the use of tú/usted and vosotros/ustedes between Spain and Latin American countries.
• Cultural differences when meeting people.
• Spanish language in the world.
• Housing in Spain
• Latin-American music
• Public places in Spain, opening times.
• Geography in Latin-America


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