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Everything Else - Services

Pantone tcx Cotton Planner Upadted FHIC300A
Tk. 95,000
Tk. 16,500
Pantone tcx Cotton Passport Upadted FHIC200A
Tk. 54,999
Munsell 100 Hue Test

Munsell 100 Hue Test

    T BESTTRIMS May 16 @ 3:07pm
    Tk. 65,000
    Hashima HN 30 Needle Detector
    Tk. 33,500
    Grey Scale in Bangladesh
    Tk. 11,200
    Black Money Cleaner.

    Black Money Cleaner.

      Jun 1 @ 12:03am
      Tk. 190
      Tk. 1,000
      rare ancient coin

      rare ancient coin

        May 31 @ 6:51pm
        Tk. 20,00,000
        Multifibre SDC in Bangladesh
        Tk. 3,500
        Shrinkage Template and scale in Bangadesh
        Tk. 45,000
        Crocking Cloth Sdc cotton lawn in Bangladesh
        Tk. 3,000
        D65 Day lamp verivide 1200mm in Bangladesh
        Tk. 3,600
        D65 Day lamp VeriVide in Bangladesh
        Tk. 3,200
        True Colour Lifght Box TC60-5 in Bangladesh
        Tk. 1,05,000
        Verivide CAC120 light box in Bangladesh
        Tk. 1,68,000
        Verivide CAC60-5 Light Box in Bangladesh
        Tk. 1,49,998
        Disinfection Tunnel Gate Manual
        Tk. 7,500
        Are you interested in selling one of your kidney
        Tk. 4,00,00,000

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